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MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash

MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash

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Discover what our happy customers have to say before we unveil our amazing product!

Zoe Moore, USA

I have been using the MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash for 2 weeks now, and I must say that my gums feel so good. My gums are pinker too. This mouthwash claims to do a lot of things, and it absolutely delivered. So far, I am very happy with the way my mouth is feeling. I do believe it is slowly whitening my teeth too. I use it as a mouthwash and leave it in my mouth for a few minutes in the shower. I pull the solution through my entire mouth, swishing it around all over. I am ecstatic with the results. My mouth feels so much cleaner after each use. And I do know my gums feel great too. Teeth look brighter. No more coffee stains and stinky morning breath! This foamy mouthwash is a winner in my book!

Aiden Hayes, UK

I was skeptical at first, but the MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash blew me away! This product really works, and it’s the best addition to my oral hygiene routine. I'm a week into using this product. I swish two squirts around in my mouth post brushing in the morning and again at night. It seems to be fixing some problem areas in my mouth. And I noticed less teeth yellowing and no gum bleeding! I'm pretty happy with it. I ordered another 2 and will definitely be repurchasing more when I run out.


Experience the dual benefits of whitening toothpaste and mouthwash in our MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash. Its micro-foam technology ensures a deep clean, leaving teeth gleaming and gums revitalized!

Elevate your smile with total oral wellness, not just whitening!

Maintaining optimal oral health should be a lifetime commitment. Proper oral hygiene, which includes brushing, flossing, reducing sugar intake, and having regular trips to the dentist, can prevent costly, potentially health-threatening and confidence-zapping dental and oral diseases.

Since we use our mouths a lot on a daily basis, our teeth and gums are constantly exposed to bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When bacteria mixes with starchy or sugary food particles, it releases acid that dissolves tooth enamel and causes dental cavities if you do not brush your teeth after eating or drinking.

This combination of germs, acid, and food particles forms a plaque, a sticky film that can accumulate, causing a variety of oral health conditions such as cavities, gingivitis and other gum diseases, and tooth infection. Plaque buildup can also lead to discolored, cracked or broken teeth, increased tooth sensitivity, and bad breath.

While regular brushing and flossing are effective in removing plaque and dislodging food bits from your teeth, adding a mouthwash into your dental care routine can help completely kill the acid-producing bacteria. Mouthwash can reach areas within the mouth that are not easily accessed by a toothbrush, killing germs that brushing might have missed and giving your mouth a deeper clean.

This deep dental cleaning not just whitens teeth and freshens breath, but also reduces plaque buildup and prevents acid-induced erosion, dental calculus, tooth decay and cavities, gum infection, and other oral health-related concerns.

Dr. Aiden Marshall, a board-certified dentist, on the benefits of using a mousse mouthwash

Mousse mouthwash produces an ultra-fine foam that effectively removes stubborn stains from the teeth without causing sensitivity. But what sets the mousse mouthwash apart from traditional and cosmetic mouthwashes is its ability to protect the tooth enamel and reduce the demineralization of the teeth.

The mousse mouthwash’ tooth-strengthening ingredients penetrate the enamel and produce mineral grains, targeting defects in teeth enamel and reducing the risk of cavities, tooth decay, and gum infections.

Product Features:

  • Calculus removal & teeth whitening

The MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash keeps teeth sparkly as it effectively dissolves stains from the teeth. The formula’s powerful whitening effect and stain removal ability is ideal for those with dental calculus or tartar. This mouthwash contains baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), a natural teeth whitener that effectively and gently removes stubborn surface stains. It is also potent enough to remove the calculus or the hardened plaque that forms on the teeth and gum line, restoring your pearly whites.

  • 24-hour germ protection

Our dental cleansing mouthwash targets the germs and bacteria that causes bad breath, cavities, and other oral health problems. It deeply cleans the tooth and the non-tooth oral surface areas within the mouth, killing bacteria and keeping your breath fresh and your mouth healthy. Its non-irritating formula combats plaque and bacteria while being gentle on the gums, so no need to worry about inflamed or bleeding gums.

  • Eliminates bad breath

One quick gargle of the MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash keeps your breath fresh for long hours. The added menthol gives a mild minty flavor that eliminates bad breath and keeps the mouth fresh all day – no artificial flavors that can cause bleeding or burning sensation in the gums!

  • Rich foam for multi-use

This mousse mouthwash creates a rich foam that offers you a less intense way to get a solid clean. You can use the mouthwash while brushing your teeth or to make a quick gargle to freshen breath on the go.

Star Ingredients of MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate has natural whitening properties that effectively get rid of stains from the surface of the teeth. It also contains antibacterial properties that make it just as effective in killing germs as the fluoride-infused options. This ingredient prevents cavity-causing bacteria from multiplying in your mouth, keeping plaque buildup, gingivitis, and cavities at bay.

  • Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate is considered as a safe and effective treatment for tooth sensitivity. It works by stabilizing and calming the tooth's nerve activity to prevent discomfort and pain from sensitive teeth. It also prevents cavities and tooth decay.

  • German Chamomile

German chamomile has both the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that make it a natural solution for reducing bacterial plaque and improving gum health. This herbal ingredient also helps treat gingivitis and other inflammation in the gums.

  • Menthol

Menthol gives your mouth a clean, fresh feeling as it wards off bacteria and freshens breath, while preventing gum bleeding, irritation, and other dental problems. It leaves a cooling sensation in the mouth and keeps the stink away for hours.

  • Galla Japonica

This herbal ingredient has a powerful, germ-fighting ability that helps stave off tooth decay. Galla japonica fights off acid-producing bacteria and makes teeth more resistant to acidic attack, preventing cavities and other dental problems.

How to Use:

  • Place a sufficient amount of the MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash on your finger and spread it around your teeth until they are fully covered. You can also squirt the solution directly inside your mouth.
  • Then, brush your teeth or hold the foamy mouthwash and saliva in your mouth for a minimum of 2 minutes.
  • Gargle and rinse.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x MEDix™ Dental Cleansing Mouthwash

Our Guarantee:

  • Cruelty-Free, Not tested on animals
  • Backed by the world’s institutions
  • 3rd-Party Tested
  • FDA CE


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